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The itinerary continues from Andreis towards Val Colvera through the Pala Barzana Mountain Pass (840 m asl) located in the municipality of Maniago. In the proximity of the mountain pass, there is a rest area managed by the Andreis/Frisanco Alpine Group.

The itinerary goes through a barren landscape on the south side of Mount Rąut (2025 m) and Mount Rodolino (1700 m) descending on a winding surfaced road. The dolomitic Mount Rąut, rising to 1600 m from the depths of the Susaibes torrent, the Val Col­vera and Val Silģsia, follows, on the Magredi alluvial plain, the lower but just as important Mount Jņuf (1224 m), a great arc-shaped fold of calcareous rocks above the Cellina and Colvera mouths. Not only does the mountain barrier dominate the skyline with its peculiar shapes recognizable from afar, but also blocks and raises atmospheric disturbances thus causing frequent and abundant precipitations on itself, the valleys below and the piedmont area.

The typically oceanic climate may be seen in the thriving vegetation: and the variety of floral species is truly amazing, influenced not only by the soil but also by its peculiar exposure to Mediterranean, Illyrian, Insubric, Central and Northern-European migratory flows.  During the Quaternary ice ages, the high southern faces remained free from ice and therefore became the last shelter for plants which then either turned endemic or began to recolonize the ensuing desert.  The group of Mount Rąut and Mount Jņuf along with its piedmont of gravel and clay, which partially originated from the breakdown of their rock, may be considered an authentic “botanical monument”.


The Pala Barzana Mountain Pass is crossed by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Frassati Trail, identified within the Italian Alpine Club project as a naturally, historically and religiously interesting track to be dedicated – one for each Italian Region – to Pier Giorgio Frassati (1901-1925), beatified by Pope John Paul II in 1990 and recognised by the latter as a model for the young.  The itinerary is a 30-km loop which stretches from Mania­go all the way to the Ma­donna di Strada Sanctuary in Fanna and the Madonna della Stangjada Sanctuary in Frisanco, the Benedictine monastery of Villa Santa Maria, the Casere and the Pala Barzana Mountain Pass, from where it is possible to return following part of the ancient route that, for centuries, connected the Valcellina and its people to the lowlands.


Near Pian delle Merie, in the municipality of Frisanco, you can encounter the first residential buildings and typical villages of Val Colvera, which can also be admired in the town of Poffabro.

As you leave Poffabro, the itinerary heads to Val Tramontina. Before descending into Val Muič, named after a tributary of the Meduna river, the itinerary crosses the Val Colvera Itinerary coming from Maniago and the alternative one leading to the town of Frisanco, head of the municipality, providing accommodation facilities, restaurants and a campsite equipped with a rest area.

By following a surfaced road and passing through chestnut and beech woods, you will reach the picturesque sanctuary dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows located on the top of a hill; you will then find the village of Valdestali, a viewpoint with typical balcony houses, and eventually Forcella; from there, you can proceed down the trail on foot or by mountain bike, to the river Meduna valley (Val Tramontina Itinerary).


Back on the main itinerary, between Poffabro and Frisanco, when you get to the Casasola intersection take the trail heading to Navarons, a village located within the municipality of Meduno. The riveting pathway snakes through the woods following alongside river Muič.